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Transforming cities with big data and analytics


Qlarion integrates information from disparate departments into centralized, customizable dashboards, reports, data discovery tools and citizen engagement applications, breaking down silos and helping local leaders better serve and engage the citizens that depend on them.

COVID-19 Response & Recovery

A customized, repeatable framework to keep constituents safe and reignite the local economy.


Substance Use Disorders

Empower local leaders with the insights they need to combat the epidemic of addiction disorders.


Enterprise Analytics

Understand data assets and transform their data insights into policies and programs that improve your community,


A Clear Path to Modern Data Analytics

City and county governments from across the nation rely on Qlarion’s expertise in helping municipalities become data-driven organizations, regardless of their current analytics capabilities. Recently, we worked closely with Virginia’s Fairfax County Department of Information Technology (DIT) to craft the county’s data roadmap and modernize their analytics capabilities across agencies.

Learn more about how local governments benefit from Qlarion’s Imagine Innovation Framework.

Permits & Licensing

Permit and licensing operations are often slow and inefficient– handled by disconnected departments with no performance targets (or enforcement thereof), resulting in sub-par performance and lengthy back logs.

Qlarion’s permit and licensing solutions track the process of issuing permits and licenses from application to review to distribution, enabling:

  • Better allocation of resources by government executives and managers
  • Increased transparency and accountability, and
  • Better customer support to residents and business owners


Emergency Response

More frequent severe weather events and increased urbanization make emergency response a high priority for local governments. It’s critical that local leaders can make quick, informed decisions during an incident, when every minute matters.

Our analytics solutions allow cities to collect and analyze data about deployed response vehicles, resident requests and complaints, and unserved neighborhoods to create an up-to-the-minute measurement of emergency response.

  • Real-time response information in an interactive command center
  • A deeper evaluation of the response’s effectiveness
  • Support services, including training, documentation customization, and ongoing maintenance and support

Public Finance & Administration

State governments are under increased pressure to justify expenditures and use taxpayer dollars more efficiently. Qlarion helps state agencies improve customer service, increase operational efficiency, and reduce costs by revolutionizing their operations through big data and analytics

  • Optimize budget and spend analytics on core financial systems
  • Leverage workforce analytics for human capital management
  • Predict and prevent fraud, waste, and abuse


Public Health and Social Services

Qlarion transforms public health and social service agencies into data-driven organizations by injecting analytics into their business. Our solutions are designed to improve quality of care, ensure access to care, and reduce healthcare costs while streamlining service delivery and resource allocation.

  • Predict and prevent opiate overdoses
  • Improve access to mental health resources
  • Drive down cost of healthcare and social services



Local governments collect a wealth of information about students and schools–millions of data points that, once leveraged, could provide valuable insights for educators, policy makers, administrators, and government leaders. Qlarion’s local analytics solutions harness this data and help education-related organizations make data-driven decisions that positively impact  students’ lives.

  • Proactively identify at-risk students to reduce drop out rate
  • Improve financial performance of K-12 schools
  • Measure teacher performance against clear KPIs

Public Safety

Existing public service systems manage public safety through a variety of different channels: 911 dispatches, police departments, building code violations, etc. Qlarion’s public safety solutions provide a holistic view of public safety across the city.

  • Determine which neighborhoods and properties are most at risk for crime,
  • Organize and prioritize cross-departmental actions
  • Analyze data at a high-level or in granular detail to uncover citywide trends


Qlarion’s big data and analytics solutions provide government leaders with the insights they need to drive transportation projects forward. From environmental analyses of planned construction to improving statewide response to weather emergencies, Qlarion understands the nuances of transportation management at the state level and builds solutions that deliver results.

  • Measure real-time traffic impact of all active construction projects
  • Optimize assets during storm response and clean-up
  • Improve transportation permitting process

Citizen Engagement

Qlarion’s citizen engagement solutions help state and local governments increase transparency, build trust, and more efficiently engage with the people they support.

The public-facing analytics solutions are customized to address concerns that are pressing in your community, from snow removal to economic development to public safety.

  • Translate complicated processes into user-friendly visual web and mobile apps
  • Decrease incoming service calls and complaints
  • Increase constituent satisfaction