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Qlarion transforms public health and social service agencies into data-driven organizations by injecting analytics into their business. Our solutions are designed to improve quality of care, ensure access to care, and reduce healthcare costs while streamlining service delivery and resource allocation.

The Government Healthcare Analytics Experts

We help leaders in federal, state, and local government respond to today’s crises – and prepare for tomorrow’s.

Analytics and COVID-19

COVID-19 Response and Recovery

  • Track the spread of new variants and predict case spikes
  • Measure vaccine effectiveness across demographics
  • Track test results to monitor the effectiveness of school reopening procedures
  • Measure equity of vaccine distribution across demographic groups
Healthcare Use Cases: Pills

Predict & Prevent Opiate Overdoses

  • Reduce unnecessary opiate prescriptions by measuring the effectiveness of pain management education for providers
  • Track the available supply Naloxone and manage allocation to first responders in overdose hot spots
  • Measure the effectiveness of EMS response
  • Analyze reported EMS incidents across regions and demographic groups
Healthcare Use Cases: Nurse

Social Determinants of Health

  • Use data sharing to understand the impact of neighborhood, income level, and education on healthcare outcomes
  • Measure the effectiveness of training programs for social services on early identification of mental health issues
  • Reduce risk in child placement services by analyzing data on criminal history of family members or school attendance records of siblings

FAACT Case Study | QlarionCase Study: Virginia’s Data-Driven Approach to Combatting Substance Use Disorder

Learn how Qlarion helped the Commonwealth of Virginia

  • Develop, configure, and implement an easy-to-use data sharing system.
  • Facilitate data-sharing across state agencies and local entities
  • Perform advanced data analysis. including predictive analytics that involve the creation of risk profiles.


Insights: The Latest in Healthcare Data Analytics

Qlarion’s Healthcare Analytics Capabilities

Optimize the Healthcare Enterprise

Our solutions lead to more accurate forecasts and more informed decisions about staffing, budgeting, and resource management.

Measure the Efficacy of Industry Regulation

Our solutions measure the impact of current and proposed regulations, including those governing food safety, drug approvals, and medical devices.

Combat Fraud, Waste, and Abuse

We minimize the risk of fraud, waste, and abuse by ensuring payment integrity and assessing and monitoring providers’ activities.

Enable Accountability for Quality of Care

By aligning incentives with desired outcomes and creating more effective methods of measuring results, we help our clients ensure providers are accountable for the care they provide.

Maximize Social Service Resources

From adult assistance to foster care and adoption, our products and services help agencies streamline and optimize social service programs so that resources are used efficiently.

Improve Clinical Analysis

Our solutions leverage data from electronic health records (EHRs) to analyze outcomes, measure quality of care, and determine personalized medical approaches.