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Federal Government

Smarter questions, faster answers, deeper insights

Federal agencies are under increasing pressure from congress, the administration and the public to be transparent, efficient, and cost-effective. This can be a major challenge for many organizations, especially those with endless amounts of complex data. Qlarion helps organizations achieve sustained, measurable program effectiveness. Our big data and analytics solutions, systems, and processes uncover actionable insights that will eliminate redundancies, increase productivity, and reduce costs.

We Work with Federal Agencies that Provide Critical Services to Americans Nationwide

Health and Human Services

Qlarion transforms public health and social service agencies into data-driven organizations by injecting analytics into their business. Our solutions are designed to improve quality of care, ensure access to care, and reduce healthcare costs while streamlining service delivery and resource allocation. LEARN MORE.

Public Finance & Administration

Qlarion’s financial analytics solutions increase efficiency, improve accountability, and measure results. We enable spend analytics, cost controls, and provide valuable financial business intelligence that allows for a more accurate and thorough review of financial performance. Learn more.


We use big data and analytics to help federal transportation agencies understand citizens’ mobility patterns, uncover system weaknesses, and make better decisions about future investments. Our analytics programs are a critical step in securing and maintaining public transportation infrastructures.

National Defense

Our solutions help defense-focused agencies optimize resources, improve threat prediction, and maximize their existing resources by injecting analytics into their business model.

Energy & Environment

The organizations that regulate and protect our national energy sources and environment are closely tied to the entire nation’s economic performance. Qlarion arms these organizations with real-time insights so they can make the most informed decisions.

Justice & Public Safety

Organizations responsible for public safety need clear, usable information that enables them to predict and prevent threats. Qlarion’s analytics solutions can help agencies track crime trends, study enforcement patterns, and measure the effect of public safety policies and programs.

Government Use Case: Smart Cities

Open Data

Qlarion’s open data solutions are designed specifically to help government agencies make their open data more usable by the average citizen.


Government Use Case: Open Data

Managed Analytics

Fully customized analytics solutions from a team of industry experts for a fraction of the cost of developing a solution in-house.


Government Use Case: Capabilities

Starter Packages

A clear path to identifying and solving your most pressing problem through big data and analytics, often within 90 days.