Case Studies

National Institutes of Health

NIH Analytics Solutions - QlarionHelping the NIH Improve Patient Outcomes

The National Institute of Health’s (NIH) Executive Information System (EIS) is an online business intelligence tool, offering a real-time visual display of key hospital performance indicators. The EIS serves more than 250 NIH users and provides query and reporting capabilities of daily, monthly, and annual hospital utilization.

Qlarion provides 100% of the support to maintain, operate, and enhance the EIS database and analytics. While EIS has been in existence for several years, we work closely with NIH to increase functionality, improve performance and ease of use, and simplify the database platform to lower the maintenance costs.

The core of our work at NIH is to support the ongoing performance of EIS and deliver analytical capabilities that lead to improved quality of care and lower overall costs.


  • Upgraded the entire system to eliminate serious vulnerabilities and flaws
  • Streamlined and modernized the database to improve performance and reporting flexibility
  • Identified and corrected unnecessary customization, enabling cleaner system upgrades
  • Implemented acuity dashboarding, which allows users to measure staffing resource allocation against actual patient needs

Our partnership with NIH is ongoing. The Qlarion team will continue to enhance the capabilities of the EIS with automated reporting and improved dashboarding.