Transforming Maryland through Analytics

Maryland Consulting and Technical Services (CATS+)

Qlarion understands that the right approach to analytics begins and ends with a single-minded focus on the right outcomes. We’re skilled in launching new initiatives, improving existing processes, and building on successful programs for even richer insights.We specialize in government innovation and develop forward-thinking solutions that leverage big data, business intelligence, data visualization, and predictive analytics.

Our CATS+ Functional Areas Include:

  • Enterprise service provider
  • Web and internet systems
  • Software engineering
  • Application service provider
  • IT management consulting services
Analytics for state government | Qlarion
Public healthcare analytics | Qlarion

Health and Human Resources

  • Predict and prevent opiate overdoses
  • Improve access to mental health resources
  • Drive down cost of healthcare and social services


  • Improve financial performance of K-12 schools
  • Proactively identify at-risk students to reduce drop out rate
  • Target university alumni for improved engagement and increased donations


  • Measure real-time traffic impact of all active construction projects
  • Optimize assets during storm response and clean up
  • Improve transportation permitting process

Public Safety

  • Identify problem properties, neighborhoods and criminal hot spots
  • Optimize police resources and reduce emergency service calls
  • Increase threat identification and prediction

Finance & Administration

  • Optimize budget and spend analytics on core financial systems
  • Leverage workforce analytics for human capital management
  • Predict and prevent fraud, waste and abuse