Strategic Solutions

COVID-19 Response and Recovery

A repeatable framework to combat COVID-19

The ability to share and analyze data is crucial in any emergency response. When COVID-19 struck, many federal, state, and local governments realized they lacked the data and analytics capabilities needed to take a data-driven response to the crisis. Our data sharing framework unites previously siloed data from a variety of state and local organizations to provide government leaders and community responders  with the actionable, real-time insights needed to address COVID-19.

Once established, our framework provides you with the legal and technical infrastructure needed to rapidly expand the scope of your data sharing and analytics capabilities in the face of a crisis.

Our framework empowers our customers to track the metrics that matter most:

  • Track confirmed cases and test results
  • Identify and predict when and where case spikes may occur
  • Compare hospital bed availability to case numbers to avoid shortages
  • Forecast vaccine demand and monitor vaccine inventory
  • Assess and identify eligible vaccination facilities

Our Framework in Action

Virginia has effectively expanded its data-sharing platform to gain statewide visibility on virus and resource availability. FAACT originally launched in 2019 to help Virginia communities confront the opioid epidemic; and now, Virginia is using this repeatable framework to combat COVID-19. 

The expansion of FAACT, the corresponding Commonwealth Data Trust, and its data sharing and analytics capabilities, unites information from sources across the Commonwealth to provide decision makers with the insight needed to address COVID-19. 

Virginia’s leaders can make critical response decisions based on real-time data within FAACT. As a result, the Commonwealth is able to quickly identify:

  • Hospitals that are in need of supplies and pharmaceuticals
  • Hospitals and regions that have surge capacity (i.e. available hospital beds and ventilators or the ability to quickly stand up an overflow hospital)
  • Locations with the largest occurrences of COVID-19 cases

View the growing list of organizations who have joined the Commonwealth Data Trust and learn more about how Qlarion is supporting the Commonwealth of Virginia.

“By sharing data from disparate systems, FAACT has assisted criminal justice entities, health and human resources, and social services agencies in making proactive decisions to address the substance use and abuse crisis. I am grateful that the FAACT team was able to apply this framework to address the health needs that have quickly arisen due to COVID-19.”

Virginia Secretary of Public Safety and
Homeland Security
Brian J. Moran