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Secure Data Enclave

Qlarion’s Secure Data Enclave (SDE)

Data sharing helps governments make more evidence-based decisions and better serve the public, but it introduces security risks that create hesitation from data owners. Ultimately, how can data owners be confident that proper security requirements are in place for all users authorized to access shared data?

Qlarion’s Secure Data Enclave (SDE) empowers cross-organization data sharing while maintaining data security. Authorized users are able to access and analyze data through individual workspaces — virtual desktop environments that allow them to interact with secure data without removing it from the SDE.

How the Secure Data Enclave Works

  1. An organization (a university, a nonprofit, or a research institution, for example) requests access to specific data set.
  2. If the request is approved, an individual workspace is created and a secure connection is established to let users view the authorized data. The workspace houses a variety of tools, including data visualization and data science applications
  3. When the analysis is complete, the environment is terminated.
Secure Data Enclave Diagram

Key Components

Data Sharing Environment

A secure, scalable data repository that houses all shared data.

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Data Trust

 Enables organizations to securely connect data sources and create a shared repository of data.

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Data Governance Framework

Defines the rules that govern data management across organizations.

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Case Study: Secure Data Enclave in Action

Qlarion partnered with the Commonwealth of Virginia in the development of DataSAGE, which is Virginia’s Secure Analytics and Governance Environment. The Commonwealth of Virginia has over 1,400 different data systems that hold open and restricted data assets. DataSAGE enables the secure sharing of restricted-use data with research partners, universities, nonprofits, outside localities, and other organizations whose projects have been approved by the appropriate data owners.