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Predictive Analytics

Leverage Data to Gain Insights into the Future

The critical elements of Predictive Analytics occur between the computer lab–where PhD’s develop, test and fine-tune algorithms and respond to queries–and the high level graphics and charts that help business executives make better-informed decisions by understanding future trends.

Getting the right data out of the lab and into the hands of the business leaders is where most of the challenges and pitfalls occur regarding Predictive Analytics. Because the bottom line is that the Business Intelligence and Analytics value curve increases with the number of users who have access to the information.

Qlarion’s IMAGINE Methodology

Qlarion leverages its proprietary IMAGINE methodology to help government agencies simplify the process of developing and distributing Predictive Analytics information throughout your organizations. As a result, business leaders can maximize its full value across a broad spectrum of data-driven decision-making and forecasting-related needs.

Qlarion’s Executive Predictive Dashboard

One solution is Qlarion’s proprietary Executive Predictive Dashboard, which combines the power of Predictive Analytics with the ease and simplicity of an Executive Dashboard for non-technical executives.