What We Do

Getting Started

You’re only weeks away from being data-driven.

Most government organizations face a data-related problem–a complicated business process, an incomplete integration, a limited toolset–that continuously prevents the organization from achieving optimal results.

Qlarion’s starter packages define a clear path to solving that problem through analytics, often within 90 days. Our experts in data-driven government will evaluate your organization’s data and business processes, analyze your problem, and develop a targeted analytics solution that will address your most pressing challenges, all for a firm fixed price. Armed with the right data and a clear, compelling roadmap, you’ll be able to better secure the buy-in you need for long-term success.

Whether you’re starting from scratch or need help working with existing products and projects, Qlarion’s custom starter packages can jumpstart your progress.


Qlarion will evaluate your systems and corresponding business practices and interview key participants to provide a thorough analysis of the goals, scope, and informational needs of an analytics initiative. The process helps you understand your readiness, identify gaps, and prioritize focus areas.

4-Week Sprints

After an up-close look at your technology, structure, processes and capabilities, we identify the most valuable use cases and tackle each one in a 4-week sprint. The end result is a long-term, detailed plan to ensure efficient use of resources and maximize ROI.


Qlarion provides valuable training to your business users so they can efficiently use their new analytics solutions. We also provide training to manager and director level users so they can track performance and ROI.

Ready to get started on your data-driven journey? Have questions about our starter packages? Contact us today to set up a brief discovery call.