What We Do

Data Visualization

Imagine trying to read a 500-page book with no chapters, punctuation, or page numbers. You’re confident that the book contains valuable information, but without guidelines for how to digest the words on the page, the information is impenetrable. Visual cues like a table of contents, section breaks, and headings don’t change the words themselves, but make them exponentially more useful.

Like those critical organizing elements in a book, data visualization transforms data into usable insights. Through drag-and-drop dashboards and easy-to-use web apps, Qlarion allows our customers to manipulate and explore their data, discover patterns and connections, and uncover answers to questions they didn’t even know they had.

In addition to internal tools, Qlarion creates public-facing citizen engagement apps that streamline communication with constituents and strengthen community engagement. From interactive maps that show the safest neighborhoods to online portals that track snowstorm cleanup, Qlarion helps federal, state, and local governments provide taxpayers with the information they need.

Public finance analytics

For Citizens

  • Transform your open data into easy-to-use, on demand citizen engagement apps
  • Simplify complicated processes into user-friendly visual interfaces, so citizens can clearly see the information they need and feel more heard and supported.
  • Increase transparency and decrease inbound complaints and support costs

For Government Users

  • Eliminate the IT bottleneck by empowering business users with the insights they need to do their jobs more efficiently
  • Enable users to quickly see the implications of the data, not just the data itself
  • Uncover new insights with easy data exploration