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Government agencies at all levels are embracing the need for enterprise-wide analytics programs. Driven by the demand to improve services and solve the most pressing problems that matter to their constituents and plague their communities — federal, state, and local agencies have started to actively explore how enterprise-wide data analytics initiatives can help them achieve their goals.

We have found that a critical component of any analytics program must be a comprehensive, interagency data sharing and analysis system to support evidence-based decision-making across organizations.

Our unique approach to data analytics which emphasizes data sharing has made us the preeminent data analytics company serving government agencies at all levels around the world. We have experience developing secure, cloud-based, highly-scalable data sharing platforms that include all pertinent data from all relevant agencies, local entities, and available external sources, including the development of data governance policies to ensure the protection of PII and other sensitive data.

Read more about how we have helped the Commonwealth of Virginia implement a data sharing platform to combat the opioid crisis in Route Fifty and StateScoop.

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