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Virginia Data Revolution

There is an abundance of data that government agencies have at their disposal. The interest in using that data to increase transparency, streamline operations, and improve citizen services grows every day.

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In 2018, Virginia was on the cusp of a data revolution, thus Qlarion’s signature event was born. The Virginia Data Revolution Series was created to help local and state agencies best prepare for impending opportunities. Now, in its third year, the series has evolved into a productive forum where public sector leaders from all over Virginia have come to share advice and tips on topics from:

  • How to approach a shared analytics program?
  • Which key stakeholders to engage in the process?
  • How to develop an enterprise analytics culture to improve success?
  • And more

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All of this was spurred by the Virginia Open Data Initiative Act, which fundamentally changed how Virginia thinks about data. The Act was designed to “increase public awareness of and access to the data created by and available from state agencies.” Going even further, the bill helped create the first ever Chief Data Officer position for the Commonwealth of Virginia, which our frequent Series moderator, Carlos Rivero, currently holds.

Qlarion’s goal then, and now, is to help state agencies navigate the data revolution and better understand what the next few years look like and how to collaborate on data initiatives in the Commonwealth.


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  • Moderator: Alex DerHovhannessian, Senior Director at Qlarion and public service leader
  • Carlos Rivero, Chief Data Officer, Commonwealth of Virginia
  • Felix Schapiro, Workforce Policy Analyst, Office of Governor Ralph Northam
  • Jeff Price, Director of Research and Planning, Virginia Department of Social Services


  • Tod Massa, Policy Analytics Director, State Council of Higher Education for Virginia
  • Felix Schapiro, Policy Analyst, Workforce Development, Office of the Governor
  • Massey Whorley, Director, Office of Innovation & Strategic Initiatives, Virginia Department of Social Services
  • Moderator: Carlos Rivero, Chief Data Officer, Commonwealth of Virginia


  • Jodi Manz, Assistant Secretary of Health and Human Services for the Commonwealth of Virginia
  • Thomas Fitzpatrick, Division Director, Programs and Services, Virginia DCJS
  • Lauren Cummings, Executive Director, Northern Shenandoah Valley Substance Abuse Coalition
  • Moderator: Carlos Rivero, Chief Data Officer for the Commonwealth of Virginia


  • Peter Aiken, Founding Director and Owner, Data Blueprint
  • Todd Harbour, Former Chief Data Officer, New York State
  • Jason Hare, CEO, Open Data Principal
  • Michael Leahy, Secretary, Department of Information Technology, State of Maryland
  • Moderator: Tony Fung, former Deputy Secretary of Technology for the Commonwealth of Virginia


  • The Honorable Keyanna Conner, PhD, Secretary of Administration, Commonwealth of Virginia
  • Debbie Condrey, CIO, Office of Information Management, Virginia Department of Health
  • Anthony Fung, former Deputy Secretary of Technology, Commonwealth of Virginia
  • Josh Levi, Vice President for Policy, Northern Virginia Technology Council
  • Murali Rao, CIO, Virginia Department of Transportation