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Cross-Agency Data Sharing (CADS)

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A critical component of any enterprise analytics program must be a comprehensive, interagency data sharing framework. Qlarion’s Cross-Agency Data Sharing (CADS) solution is trusted by government leaders across the United States. We develop secure, cloud-based, highly-scalable data sharing platforms that bring together data from all relevant agencies, local entities, and available external sources.

Key Deliverables

  • Data Trust: A legal framework between the involved agencies for defining and sharing relevant data
  • Data Sharing Platform: A secure, scalable data repository that houses all shared data
  • Self-Service Analytics: A specific set of use cases enabling key response decisions
  • Predictive Capability: Predictive models and analytics regarding data trends
Qlarion CADS diagram

CADS in Action

Qlarion’s Cross-Agency Data Sharing solution helped our customer, The Commonwealth of Virginia, launch a groundbreaking workforce data platform. The statewide initiative aggregates valuable employment data from 17 different state agencies, as well as dozens of career centers and training institutions.

Data-Sharing Framework Benefits

  • Connects job seekers with real-time information, personalized to meet their unique needs
  • Provides staff at all levels with the information needed to holistically understand the workforce network of opportunities and services and its impact on communities
  • Ensures consistent service delivery across customers, staff, and centers.
  • Streamlines the referral process that connects job seekers to the full range of services to support their pathway to a good paying job
  • Provides policymakers with data-driven insights about the state’s workforce initiatives
  • Provides data for tracking and measurement