What We Do

Business Intelligence

Understand and Forecast Your Organization’s Business Drivers

Today, collecting data is not a challenge for most organizations. Rather, the abundance of data in your systems (or your growing data volumes) can leave you feeling “data challenged.” When you need to make informed business decisions on such issues as profitability, financial stability, transparency, waste reduction and performance, you need to rely on a company that can help you make sense of your data.

Qlarion helps your organization or agency visualize and understand the answers to key business questions by working with you to design, develop, and implement a successful business intelligence solution.

Our business intelligence services span all phases of your business implementation, from planning, to reporting and deployment, to training on your system.

Strategy and Planning

Qlarion works with your organization to understand your key business drivers and current technology and business intelligence environment. We use this information to develop a strategic business intelligence roadmap that outlines our phased approach to building out your BI system.

Reporting and Analytics

Once we have uncovered the key business questions that will improve your organization’s performance, our consultants gain consensus on standard business terms and ways of measuring performance. We also translate your business questions to report metrics, queries and designs. Once these things have been accomplished, we develop, test and deploy the desired reports.


To ensure adoption across your organization, Qlarion will train your users on how to effectively use and take advantage of your unique BI solution. Through training, you will achieve years of value from your data warehouse and business intelligence investments.