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Business Intelligence & Analytics Services

Thousands of mission-critical business questions go unanswered every day—not because they can’t be answered, but because it would take too long to do so. What could your organization accomplish if you could ask the right questions and get the answers you need—any time and every time?

Qlarion offers business intelligence solutions—both traditional and cloud-based—that let our customers ask big questions and think creatively—with limited risk. By using our proven approach to business intelligence and analytics, we create BI initiatives that can be rapidly built, tested, and scaled.

Predictive Analytics

Predictive analytics uses a variety of methods — data mining, data modeling, artificial intelligence, machine learning — to conduct deep analyses on available datasets to identify and study complex trends and patterns. Predictive analytics can help government agencies more proactively respond to the needs of their constituents, but getting the right data into the hands of the right stakeholders is where most of the challenges and pitfalls occur.

Qlarion leverages its proprietary IMAGINE methodology to help government agencies simplify the process of developing and distributing Predictive Analytics information throughout your organizations. As a result, business leaders can maximize its full value across a broad spectrum of data-driven decision-making and forecasting-related needs.

Data Visualization

Data visualization transforms data into usable insights. Through drag-and-drop dashboards and easy-to-use web apps, Qlarion allows our customers to manipulate and explore their data, discover patterns and connections, and uncover answers to questions they didn’t even know they had.

In addition to internal tools, Qlarion creates public-facing constituent engagement apps that streamline communication with constituents and strengthen community engagement.

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Managed Analytics

Business Intelligence is a living process—one that needs to be maintained, nurtured, and protected to be efficient. An organization’s internal staff can often address basic change requests and software updates, but expert guidance from qualified analytics professionals is required to maximize business outcomes.

Qlarion’s Managed Analytics solution is a managed services package for clients who need ongoing support from experts who are familiar with their deployed BI systems. Just like an auto insurance plan, this package is a low-cost program that protects your BI investment and reduces risk. By relying on qualified experts for maintenance, advanced enhancements, and upgrades, our customers avoid costly repairs and can save upwards of 50% in support costs.

Qlarion’s Managed Analytics services include:

  • Daily Operations
  • Strategy and Planning Support
  • ETL Operations
  • Analytics and Report Development
  • Platform Administration
  • User Onboarding and Training

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