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Big Data

The Elusive Path from Massive Data to Mission-Critical Decisions

Never before have there been more challenges, questions and decisions that hinge on managing and analyzing the unprecedented amount of data being collected and generated—known as Big Data or Big Data Analytics.

But as with any emerging technology that enters the “hype cycle,” Big Data is still being defined, and organizations are still determining what business challenges Big Data can and cannot be expected to address.

What is Big Data?

Big Data refers is a revolutionary new methodology for managing distributed file systems, typically on commodity hardware. Big Data integrates a variety of data types, including structured, unstructured and machine-read, to manage what is typically a large volume of data at high velocity.

Qlarion: An Experienced Big Data Navigator

While Big Data is in fact changing the landscape of analytics, it comes in a variety of forms and each of these may not apply to every government agency situation. Organizations must understand the differences between many approaches, including Hadoop, analytics appliances, relational databases and NoSQL.

Qlarion’s role is to help government agencies assess the situation, define their business challenges and requirements and then determine which Big Data Analytics approach is most appropriate.

Qlarion designs, implements and optimizes mission-driven Big Data Analytics initiatives—both traditional and cloud-based—to help businesses and government agencies organize massive amounts of data and apply intelligent analysis resulting in actionable information. Qlarion’s expertise spans open-source frameworks such as Hadoop and MapR as well as commercial software applications.