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Overcoming Obstacles to Cross-Agency Data Sharing

Data sharing helps organizations demystify data, create deeper engagement with communities, reduce wasted effort, and produce more meaningful results. To achieve this however, perceived obstacles to data access must first be overcome.… Read more

Analytics and COVID-19

Data Sharing Frameworks Can Help States Prepare for the Next COVID-19

Many states were unprepared for the health and economic toll that COVID-19 has imposed upon them, but the ones that have invested in a data sharing framework have shown they’re in a better position to handle the rapidly evolving crisis.… Read more

Using Data to Improve Resiliency Before a Disaster Strikes

The ability to share and analyze data is crucial in any disaster response process. But because no one knows exactly when or where a disaster will strike, individuals charged with spearheading disaster response efforts are often content to fill budget line items with necessities: trucks, manpower, food, salt for snow emergencies, and a host of […]