Virginia Legislature Commends Qlarion for Role in COVID-19 Recovery Efforts


Virginia Legislature Commends Qlarion for Role in COVID-19 Recovery Efforts

Qlarion Commended by Virginia LegislatureRESTON, VA – September 4, 2020  – Qlarion, a data and analytics firm that specializes in government innovation, was recently commended by the Commonwealth of Virginia’s General Assembly during a special session on August 24th. The company was specifically acknowledged for its “outsized role in the Commonwealth’s response to the COVID-19 pandemic.”

The Resolution, which highlighted Qlarion’s work over the past year, stated that “through its innovative and effective data sharing platform, Qlarion has strengthened the Commonwealth’s ability to protect its citizens from the opioid epidemic, the COVID-19 pandemic, and any future public health crises that may arise.”

In 2017, Virginia enlisted Qlarion to pilot a data sharing platform to track and proactively address the state’s growing opioid epidemic, which led to the creation of the Framework for Addiction Analysis and Community Transformation (FAACT) program in 2019. FAACT compiles data from various state and local agencies, healthcare and community organizations, and law enforcement and presents analysis that all of these groups can use to allocate resources and target treatment efforts.

Since a data trust – a legal and technical agreement that is required for data sharing – already existed through FAACT, the Commonwealth was able to swiftly replicate this platform when COVID-19 hit. Today, Virginia is able to quickly identify hospitals in need of supplies and pharmaceuticals, healthcare facilities with the capacity to handle patient surges, supply chain difficulties, gaps in patient and lab testing, and areas with the largest occurrences of COVID-19 cases.

“Because of Virginia’s continued investment in data and analytics, the Commonwealth was better prepared to handle COVID-19 and provide its constituents with the guidelines, resources, and support needed to best address this pandemic,” said Jake Bittner, CEO of Qlarion. “We truly pride ourselves on making an impact within the communities in which we work. We are honored to be acknowledged for our efforts in such a profound way and will continue to work hard for all of Virginia’s citizens.”

In addition to Qlarion’s recovery efforts in the opioid crisis and COVID-19 pandemic, the company recently worked with Commonwealth leaders and partners to launch the Virginia Career Works Referral Portal, which connects Virginians impacted by COVID-19 to comprehensive employment support. The new Virginia Career Works Dashboard is an innovative data visualization tool that makes information about Virginia’s labor market and workforce system more accessible to workers, businesses, and policymakers through a secure data trust.

Delegate David A. Reid from District 32 introduced House Resolution No. 560 “Commending Qlarion, Inc.” which was agreed to by the House in a voice vote on August 28th. To read the full text of House Resolution No. 560 “Commending Qlarion Inc.” please visit Virginia’s Legislative Information System (LIS) here.

About Qlarion

Qlarion is a government innovation firm that provides data and analytics solutions to government agencies. Qlarion’s solutions are designed to help its customers make better business decisions, improve citizen engagement, reduce costs, and improve efficiency by using business intelligence and big data and analytics to effectively manage, access, and understand information. Using its ImagineTM innovation framework, Qlarion works with clients to identify high value use cases, design and implement data and analytics solutions, and establish Centers of Excellence that create lasting impact.