Qlarion Featured in The Atlantic’s CityLab

Qlarion Featured in The Atlantic’s CityLab

Qlarion’s Permit Finder Application is featured in a CityLab article exploring the value of hackathons for city innovation.

Permit Finder was the result of Qlarion’s participation in a Boston hackathon earlier this year. The app allows Bostonians to monitor the progress of their permit applications in real-time (CityLab compared it to the Domino’s Pizza app–not a bad analogy!). Before Permit Finder, Boston residents had no visibility into permit application procedures, making the process seem arduous and slow. With Permit Finder, applicants simply log in to a system to see where their permit is in the seven-step process.

Permit Finder is part of Qlarion’s Permit and License Analytics module, a component of Qlarion Community Center. Community Center is a pre-packaged analytics solution tailored for local governments that drives efficiency in departmental functions, thereby improving the lives of the citizens that depend on them. Qlarion Community Center integrates information from disparate departments into centralized, customizable dashboards, reports, and data discovery tools, breaking down silos and helping local leaders better serve the citizens that depend on them through intelligent, informed decisions.

Permit Finder has garnered quite a bit of attention from the press, being covered by The Boston HeraldThe Boston Globe, and The Washington Post. 

We’re thrilled to help Boston continue its mission of becoming data-driven, and we’re developing a number of new solutions to help other cities to do the same. The Permit and License Analytics module tracks the process of issuing permits and licenses, from application to review to distribution, against agreed-upon milestones and KPIs. Armed with accurate, near real-time data, managers can identify bottlenecks and accurately evaluate the performance of each employee or business unit.

For more information about how Qlarion Community Center can help improve operations of your city, county or state, email .