4 Steps to Excellence in Data Analytics


Thought Leadership

August 16, 2018

4 Steps to Excellence in Data Analytics

Data management and analysis are cornerstones of the 2018 President’s Management Agenda (PMA), which calls “full utilization of four cross-cutting drivers of change”: policy, people, process and platform.

Unfortunately, data analytics efforts across the federal government too often fall short of their desired results because agencies tend to focus on the platform (i.e. technology) part of the equation at the expense of the other components. They may start the journey toward a data analytics program by piloting basic analytics solutions. However, they fail to take the next vital step: creating a culture that understands and embraces the importance of data analytics.

Creating analytical centers of excellence

As the PMA correctly points out, effective data analysis is a holistic process that must involve all aspects of an organization, including buy-in from the organization’s leadership. Incorporating all of the “drivers of change,” not just technology, is important to creating their own analytical center of excellence.