Key Takeaways from the Maryland Digital Government Summit

Key Takeaways from the Maryland Digital Government Summit

The Maryland Digital Government Summit covered a range of topics important for those of us dedicated to continuing Maryland’s data-driven journey. It’s clear that the state is a pioneer in leveraging analytics and digital technology to improve government operations. A number of speakers at the summit highlighted both the results we’ve already seen and the opportunities that lie ahead.

During the lunch session, Bill Bott, Senior Consulting Partner, Change and Innovation Agency explained why leadership, not technology, is the secret sauce required for better technology in government. He urged attendees to focus on reimagining the role of IT in government in order to create real value (and results).

Earlier in the day Andrea Garvey, Project and Data Director of Maryland’s Department of Information Technology, and Janet Grard, General Manager of NIC Maryland, discussed making Maryland’s government more citizen-centric. By reinventing the constituent experience, we can better tailor government services to meet the needs and preferred delivery methods of the people who need the services most. Designing government solutions that enable each unique constituency (e.g. foster youth, elderly adults, the poverty-stricken) to interact with government in the most appropriate way for them will be the key to improving the lives of all Maryland residents.

Overall, the summit was informative and energizing. Maryland is moving in the right direction–both in using digital technology to better serve citizens and in positioning itself as an attractive destination for technology service providers.

Qlarion is excited to continue our work in Maryland through the Maryland CATS+ contract. If you’re interested in learning how your agency can use big data and analytics to improve mission results, you can contact me directly.