Jake Bittner Delivers Keynote Address at Qlik’s Visual Your World Conference

Jake Bittner Delivers Keynote Address at Qlik’s Visual Your World Conference

Last week, during a keynote address at Qlik’s Visualize Your World Conference in
Arlington, I was very excited to announced that Qlarion and Qlik® have partnered to launch QlearGov(TM) Visual Analytics powered by Qlik®, a turnkey package designed to help federal agencies transform their open data into visual analytics applications that will drive engagement with citizens.

We partnered with Qlik to create this solution because we see an opportunity for federal agencies that want to be leaders in the Open Data movement. Today’s open government data is mostly raw data files in many different file formats targeted at developers, not citizens. While many agencies are checking the box and complying with open data policies, such as the DATA Act, by posting their raw data publicly, there is an opportunity right now for those that have a vision of moving beyond checking the box to becoming leaders in open data movement by delivering the type of visual and interactive apps that citizens want.

An April 2015 study by the Pew Research Center reported that just 5% of Americans believe that the federal government is very effective in sharing data. Just 9% said that government open data helps create new products and services, and only about 31% have looked at any type of government data at all in the past 12 months (including local park hours, leaf collection, etc.)

QlearGov Visual Analytics powered by Qlik packages together all the capabilities that agencies need to transform their open data into usable public-facing applications (all software, services, and Federally-complain hosting) for a low, fixed annual subscription fee, simplifying the process of delivering apps that create deeper, more meaningful connections with citizens. These applications won’t just provide data—they’ll solve problems.

If your and your agency have a vision for moving beyond posting raw data files to truly becoming a leader in the open data movement, we would love to talk to you about how QlearGov can make that happen.