At Qlarion, Our Mission is Simple: “Make an Impact Every Day”

At Qlarion, Our Mission is Simple: “Make an Impact Every Day”

By Jake Bittner, CEO

It’s rare that a company can claim that its employees have an opportunity to have a direct impact on the communities in which they live through their words, actions, and deeds.  To be called “rock stars” when they deliver data-driven solutions that help solve some of our society’s toughest challenges – fighting the opioid epidemic, improving resiliency before a disaster strikes, or helping citizens get their tax refunds faster.

At Qlarion, it’s a claim I stand by each day and it’s the reason why we’ve been named one of the 2020 Best Places to Work in Virginia for the sixth year in a row. It’s also why our employees choose to work at Qlarion. We try to give people as much flexibility as possible to do the right thing, to be challenged, to grow, and to deliver value to our public sector clients.

Let’s take a closer look.

At Qlarion, company culture is more than a slogan

Many companies hinge their hiring practices on the promise of an amazing workplace culture. At Qlarion, that promise is more than just a slogan. Our culture defines who we are, how we do business, and how we interact with one another. Importantly, it also urges us to consider how, through innovation and out-of-the-box thinking, we can serve America’s communities, economies, and people for the better. It’s challenging, but it’s what engages our team.

This starts with setting employees up for success. We hire people who are smart, who know how to deliver value for our customers, who can bring new ideas and ways of thinking to the public sector, and most importantly, who hold the same values that are ingrained in our culture.

We ensure they have career paths, mentorship, and opportunities for leadership as they begin to expand their horizons. In our judgment-free, collaborative environment, ideas and voices are heard and employees can make an impact on day one.

Variety is a motivator that spurs productivity

Great employees want to work hard and learn as much as they can. That’s why there’s no stove piping at Qlarion; employees have full insight into the entire project and work across multiple teams to learn new skills. We also give everyone the freedom to choose which projects they work on so that they can find the best fit or breakthrough in new areas.

In turn, they are rewarded by guiding our government customers and witnessing their faces light up as we spark new ideas, help them grow as entities, and serve the public good.

Making the elusive work-life balance possible

Many companies also pay lip service to work-life balance, but we have made it an integral part of our company culture. “Qlarion treats their employees as family” or “I have never felt the desire to leave because I know the company has my back” is not something you hear too often. I’m immensely proud to hear this from our team and respect that contribution by trusting and empowering people to work flexibly in ways that fits their personal needs.

Come join us

If you are passionate about meaningful work that unlocks insights, revolutionizes the services government provides to citizens, and improves people’s lives – come join us in making a difference.

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