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Definition of Data Trust | Qlarion

What is a Data Trust?

A data trust is a legal framework that enables organizations to securely connect their data sources and create a new shared repository of data. In this article we’ll explain what a data trust is, share best practices for creating an impactful data trust, and explore the benefits of data trusts for government organizations.… Read more

FAACT named winner of NASCIO’s 2020 State IT Recognition Awards

This prestigious award recognizes projects that use data and innovation to address critical business problems, more easily connect citizens to their government, and create new opportunities that improve the lives of citizens.… Read more

Analytics and COVID-19

Data Sharing Frameworks Can Help States Prepare for the Next COVID-19

Many states were unprepared for the health and economic toll that COVID-19 has imposed upon them, but the ones that have invested in a data sharing framework have shown they’re in a better position to handle the rapidly evolving crisis.… Read more