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Overcoming Obstacles to Cross-Agency Data Sharing

Data sharing helps organizations demystify data, create deeper engagement with communities, reduce wasted effort, and produce more meaningful results. To achieve this however, perceived obstacles to data access must first be overcome.… Read more

Data Governance Framework Benefits

Why It’s Important to Use a Formal Data Governance Framework

A formal data governance framework brings together different IT and business stakeholders to define the rules that govern data management across the organization. It is the infrastructure that makes data governance possible and maintains data integrity, quality, and security.… Read more

Definition of Data Trust | Qlarion

What is a Data Trust?

A data trust is a legal framework that enables organizations to securely connect their data sources and create a new shared repository of data. In this article we’ll explain what a data trust is, share best practices for creating an impactful data trust, and explore the benefits of data trusts for government organizations.… Read more