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Machine Learning for Government Analytics

Machine Learning and Government Data Analytics

In the world of government data analytics, machine learning can help government leaders get exponentially more value out of their data. From forecasting weather events to predicting surges in COVID-19 cases, machine learning enables government agencies better serve the public.… Read more

Qlarion Joins Open Pathways Alliance to Help States Create More Impactful Career Pathing Solutions

Created by PAIRIN, the alliance brings together noted nonprofits and social impact technology companies, including Credential Engine, and Skills Engine. The members have combined forces to help states implement emerging open standards that align education credentialing, skills and labor market data with career pathing solutions in a practical way.… Read more

How To Get Constituent Buy-in For Your Big Data Investments

Many factors can affect the ultimate success or failure of a big data project, but none are more important than stakeholder trust. When it’s there, your relationship with stakeholders runs smoothly, and trust may not seem like it’s much of a factor. However, trust is omnipresent in these relationships, affecting everything from working on projects […]