Defense Acquisition University (DAU) Uses Data Warehousing and Integration to Track and Analyze Millions of Student Records


DAU Program Goal
The Defense Acquisition University’s (DAU) stated mission is to “help Defense Acquisition professionals in the Federal government develop and manage acquisition programs, projects, and systems that continue to make U.S. warfighters the best-equipped armed forces in the world.” (Source: DAU Web Site)

Because DAU manages millions of student records, the agency needed a Data Integration initiative and a Data Warehouse solution to gain visibility–and ultimately insight–into to how participants are progressing through system and the costs associated with this process.

DAU Requirements
The following is an overview of the key steps needed to execute against DAU’s goals:

• Establish clear, measurable objective.
• Data Warehouse
• Data Integration
• Increase students’ security/privacy.

Key Steps
• Improve DAU’s visibility into student data across multiple measurements.
• Design, develop and implement DAU Data Warehouse to provide flexible, robust foundation for improved data management and Business Intelligence capabilities.
• Develop Data Integration capabilities to ensure integration with multiple DAU systems, including HR, registration,time and accounting.
• Replace PII with DAU ID.

Qlarion worked with a team of partners to help DAU:

  • Build a Data Warehouse that feeds several hundred dashboards and reports that are used to improve cost efficiencies, for example, how much is being spent on training, how many times students are taking/retaking courses.
  • Create data integration projects that feed systems to help DAU staff such as IT help desk personnel who can provide faster, more personalized responses to trouble calls.
  • Replace students’ Personally Identifiable Information (PII) with a more secure DAU identifier.

The Bottom Line
The DAU’s Data Warehouse and Data Integration initiatives provide the agency with a powerful and technologically advanced foundation from which to gain insights that will translate into improved service levels and reduced costs.

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