The Legislative Government Branch Achieves Greater Operational Insight, Improves Productivity with Qlarion Business Intelligence Services

US House of Reresentatives Success StoryThe Legislative Government’s Chief Administrative Officer (CAO) provides necessary operational support services and business solutions to its community of 10,000 House members, officers and staff. The support office is comprised of more than 600 employees who carry out House administrative functions such as budget operation, financial management, procurement, payroll, information technology, food services, office equipment, cyber security, and broadcast services. Without such an office, it would be difficult, if not impossible, for federal elected officials to get their jobs done.

The Legislative Branch pressured the CAO to improve the efficiency and cost effectiveness of all major services under its authority. Lack of insight into daily operations and project management challenged the CAO’s executive body’s ability to effectively measure, enhance, and demonstrate improvement of key service groups’ performance.

To gain enhanced visibility into daily operations and financial activity of Congressional offices and support departments, the CAO sought a business intelligence and data management solutions provider that could address technology, process and operational challenges. Because of its extensive performance management experience, Qlarion was chosen to develop and implement a solution that would deliver greater insight into financial efficiency and improved cost measurement across multiple offices and departments.

Greater insight into daily operations improves performance
Qlarion worked with the CAO to understand important business measures that would gauge operational process efficiency and customer satisfaction, to integrate accounting systems among departments, and to standardize metric definitions. Once this was achieved, Qlarion created balanced scorecards containing metrics, departmental trends and operational targets that provided management insight into daily performance. Now, CAO users can easily investigate details behind these dashboards, pinpoint specific areas of improvement, and develop action plans for each department.

More accessible information increases efficiency
With the newly implemented Balanced Scorecard, business intelligence reports and budget and planning tools, CAO users are able to access key departmental trends and view operational targets on a daily basis. Since this information is delivered in a timely fashion, users no longer have to waste valuable time tracking down information through paper files or other departments, but can receive answers within seconds.

Self-service financial solution helps members control their own spending
As part of this performance management solution, Qlarion developed and implemented a new secure, self-service financial solution to give members of the legislative branch control over their own spending. Members can now use this informational portal to retrieve their individual office activity and spending data as needed. They can use this data to quickly and easily pinpoint specific improvement areas and solutions for improving their own office’s financial performance.

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