Mortgage-Focused GSE Stabilizes Its BI System, Uses Analysis to Maximize Capital Markets Profit & Hedge Risk

This mortgage-focused government sponsored enterprise (GSE) was chartered by Congress to provide liquidity, stability and affordability to the U.S. housing and mortgage markets. The organization’s lines of business include Single-Family, Multi-Family and Capital Markets. Within the Capital Markets business, the Risk Group is responsible for managing risk for a several hundred billion dollar asset portfolio.  

By providing a comprehensive assessment and roadmap for the Capital Markets Risk Group, as well as training and user support, Qlarion was able to stabilize the BI system and ensure business users could quickly and efficiently leverage it.

The Group relies on its Capital Markets Business Intelligence (CMBI) system to analyze financial and market data, which helps the Group maximize profit, minimize losses, and hedge risk by running probability scenarios against expected and unforeseen events. Executives as the organization determined that the CMBI system was encountering data quality issues that could negatively impact the ability of the Capital Markets Risk Group to effectively manage risk. The GSE sought a business intelligence solutions provider experienced with capital markets business intelligence projects to assess the data challenges and recommend a solution that would solve these challenges. Qlarion was chosen to conduct an assessment of data quality issues related to the CMBI system, and to provide recommendations on how to fix system issues. As a follow-up to the initial project, Qlarion was also chosen to provide support and training to the BI system users so that they could effectively and efficiently utilize the system.  

Uncovered data issues and current system pain points

  Qlarion assessed the current CMBI system and determined the projected return on investment this GSE would obtain from deploying business intelligence to solve existing data challenges. Diagnose the business and technical challenges preventing them from fully capitalizing on data assets and applying insights to better manage risk of its asset portfolio.  

Improved the quality of data analysis and reporting

  Qlarion gathered high-level business requirements for improving the quality of data analysis and reporting. Qlarion delivered a pain point diagnostic, which was a detailed statement of the problem that clearly defines the organization’s priorities and maps current and potential pain points. Action plan providing logical next steps and best practices to help the organization move towards a solution.  

Extract life-time value out of organization’s BI investments

  Current-future state gap analysis – documents current and desired future states of data, analytics and reporting. Emphasis placed on opportunities for improvement as determined by analysis of gaps between the two states.  List of key business and technical requirements needed to move organization from current to desired to future state, focused on data, analytic and reporting needs.  

Ensured high user adoption through BI training

  Qlarion provided training on how to effectively use and take advantage of the BI solution. Qlarion provided ongoing, tailored training to assist each shareholder on how to efficiently incorporate reporting and analysis into their daily work. Training included systems training, report training, and administrative training.   By providing a comprehensive assessment  and roadmap for this GSE’s Capital Markets Risk Group, as well as training and user support, Qlarion was able to stabilize the BI system and ensure business users could quickly and efficiently leverage it.  
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