State and Local Solutions


Untitled-3Make faster, more informed decisions with Qlarion’s solutions for state and local government.

Qlarion Community Center transforms the way local governments serve their citizens. Through a combination of internal analytical solutions and citizen-facing web applications, Community Center enables state and local governments to improve service delivery, increase constituent satisfaction, reduce costs, and demonstrate and the success of their initiatives.

Community Center:

  • Equips leadership with the tools they need to measure progress toward government goals and initiatives
  • Engages and informs the public with constituent-facing applications
  • Empowers and improves departmental and city operations through practical, timely, and useful data and analysis




 SnowStatsQlarionInform, involve, and engage.

While many local governments are instituting internal programs to become data-driven, it’s equally as important to empower and engage local constituents with public-facing applications. By transforming the way the government interacts with citizens, local leaders can increase constituent satisfaction, improve service delivery, and reduce support costs.

Qlarion has developed a number of public-facing apps that allow citizens to access vital information online, reducing constituent confusion (and frustration) and decreasing the amount of stress on support staff. The apps help state and local governments reduce better manage snow storm clean up, improve permitting and licensing procedures, and streamline responses to citizen requests.



bostonseal_6Success Story: Qlarion Helps City of Boston Transform into a Data-Driven City

After working with Qlarion to integrate and streamline disparate data sets, implement a number of internal analytics, and develop several citizen engagement applications, the City of Boston has seen tremendous results:

  • Increased transparency and accountability and a resultant decrease in citizen complaints
  • Over 85% improvement in permit review times, leading to new business and residencies
  • 25% average improvement in entire process across all permit types in under 6 months
  • 63% reduction in calls and incidents related to troubled addresses, resulting in safer neighborhoods and an estimated $1.6 million in annual savings
  • 5-10% decrease in snow removal costs during the toughest winter in recent history


feet and arrowsThe first step is always the hardest—we make it easy.

Becoming a data-driven organization isn’t easy – Qlarion can help. Community Center™ Starter Packages will set you on the right course, whether you’re unsure of how to start, ready to launch your analytics journey, or want to accelerate and improve your current analytics programs.

Choose from four packages—Q60, Analytics Start-up Plan, Analytics Readiness Assessment, or Data-Driven Roadmap—and you’ll be one step closer to reducing cost, increasing efficiency, and improving service.


Cloud brain computer conceptMake your analytics initiatives cheaper, faster, and more flexible.

Qlarion’s managed services unlock a range of analytical capabilities at a fraction of the cost of an in-house operation. We provide the technology, implementation, strategy, maintenance, and support for your analytics programs, so you can focus on the results.