Qreate™ BI Success Roadmap

What is Qreate™?
thumb_performancemanagementQlarion’s fixed price solution to help define and launch your successful business intelligence initiative. Depending on the organization’s specific needs, this 2-4 week assessment provides a list of information pain points, current to future state gap analysis, estimated ROI of tangible and intangible benefits, and a high-level BI roadmap.

For Whom and When:
Government agencies and other organizations that are in the early stages of defining and developing a BI initiative.

Too often, BI initiatives fail due to a lack of proper planning and project definition or a disconnect with the organization’s core mission.

Qlarion offers a fixed-price solution, which combines our proven methodology and industry-leading expertise to properly define and launch your business intelligence initiative.

To learn more about how Qreate can help your organization reconnect its business intelligence initiative to its mission, please call (703) 286-2046 or fill out the brief form on this page to have someone send you more information.