Storm Insight


More frequent severe weather events and increased urbanization make snow storm response a high priority for state, local, and county governments. However, existing snow response protocols are typically reactive and unorganized — lacking the timely and reliable data required to make quick, informed decisions during a storm, when every minute matters. This uncoordinated response and lack of real-time data leads to wasted resources, an inefficient use of funds, and frustrated constituents.

Qlarion’s Storm Insight module integrates real-time information from disparate systems into customizable dashboards, reports, and data discovery tools, helping local leaders better manage snow storm response and serve the citizens that depend on them. The system collects and analyzes existing data about deployed snow removal vehicles, resident requests and complaints, and unplowed neighborhoods to create an up-to-the-minute measurement of storm response. This information can be shared with citizens through Storm Insights App, Qlarion’s citizen engagement app.

Download the Storm Insight Brochure.

The Storm Insight Management provides:

  • Real-time storm response information in an interactive command center
  • A deeper evaluation of the response’s effectiveness with flexible, detailed reports and comprehensive ad hoc reports
  • Configurable logic built into a proven, flexible data model and semantic layer
  • Prebuilt data mappings to load and cleanse source data in real time
  • Support Services, including training, documentation customization, and ongoing maintenance and support

Download the Storm Insight Brochure.