Neighborhood Insight

Bautiful Row House Facades, Victorian ArchitectureExisting public service systems manage public safety through a variety of different channels: 911 dispatches, police departments, building code violations, etc. This type of response system, in which multiple resources are tackling the same neighborhoods or properties without sharing data, is resource-intensive, wasteful, slow, and expensive.

Qlarion Community CenterTM’s Neighborhood Insight Module integrates data from disparate systems into a customizable command center that determines which properties are most costly to the local government and helps managers identify, organize and prioritize cross-departmental actions. Leaders can analyze data at both a high-level and a granular level, helping them identify both citywide trends and issues affecting a specific neighborhood or block.

The module is a firm fixed-price solution that can be bought as part of Qlarion Community Center,TM our complete government analytics solution, or separately. The module provides:

  • Insights delivered through a dynamic, interactive dashboard that identifies both high-level and micro trends (citywide as well as by neighborhood and by block)
  • Deeper examination of the information through a package of flexible, detailed reports and a comprehensive ad hoc reporting capability
  • Neighborhood Insight’s analytical logic built into a proven, flexible data model and semantic layer.
  • Prebuilt data mappings to load and cleanse source data from a generic staging area.
  • Support Services, including training, documentation customization, and ongoing maintenance and support

Download the Neighborhood Insight brochure.