Qlarify™ BI Assessment

What is Qlarify™?
thumb_financialanalyticsQlarion’s fixed price solution to assess and refine your existing business intelligence initiative. Many organizations struggle with their BI solutions. This two to four week assessment of the organization’s existing solution and supporting systems will deliver a data model critique, infrastructure and tool evaluation, gap analysis, and future state recommendations.

For Whom and When:
Government agencies and other organizations with BI initiatives that have become disconnected from their mission.

In many cases, organizations need an outside perspective to help them determine why a business intelligence initiative is not serving their original mission.

Qlarion offers a fixed-price solution, which combines our proven methodology and industry-leading expertise to properly assess and refine your business intelligence initiative.

To learn more about how Qlarify can help your organization reconnect its business intelligence initiative to its mission, please call (703) 286-2046 or fill out the brief form on this page to have someone send you more information.