Federal Solutions


Federal agencies are under increasing pressure from the administration and the public to be transparent, efficient, and cost-effective. But this can be a challenge for many organizations, especially those with endless amounts of complex data.

Qlarion’s Federal Solutions can help your organization not only meet demands for transparency, but achieve sustained, measurable program effectiveness. Our business intelligence solutions, systems, and processes help your agency uncover actionable insights that will eliminate redundancies, increase productivity, and reduce cost. Our solutions are designed to be up and running quickly for immediate impact and long-term results.

goldfish jumping out of the water from a  crowded bowlBeyond compliance: Transform Your Organization’s Open Data

Qlarion has partnered with Qlik, a leader in visual analytics, have teamed up to launch QlearGov™ Visual Analytics, a pre-packaged data visualization solution that helps government agencies make their open data more usable by the average citizen. QlearGov is designed for agencies who want to be leaders in the open data revolution and transform the way they interact with citizens.


US House of Reresentatives Success StoryFinancial Analytics for Government

Qlarion provides financial analytics to the federal government in order to increase efficiency, improve accountability, and measure results. We enable spend analytics, cost controls, and provide valuable financial business intelligence that allows for a more efficient, accurate, and thorough review of financial performance.

Qlarion developed and implemented a new secure, self-service financial solution to give members of the legislative branch control over their own spending. Members can now use this informational portal to retrieve their individual office activity and spending data as needed. They can use this data to quickly and easily pinpoint specific improvement areas and solutions for improving their own office’s financial performance.


constructionDOEPerformance Management

Qlarion delivers performance management analytics that will help agencies measure performance against business objectives. Qlarion integrated a number of disparate systems into a centralized, organized repository and streamlined processes, resulting in virtual real-time access to vital information, increased productivity and reduced costs. Because of our work, the DOE is able to more accurately and rapidly assess and clean up the Hanford Toxic Waste Site.


shutterstock_146379659Overcome Your Most Pressing Challenge — in 60 Days

What’s standing between your organization and its ultimate goal? Our experts in data-driven government will evaluate your organization’s data and business processes, analyze your problem, and develop an analytics solution that will propel your organization forward.


Cloud BIManaged Analytics

With Qlarion’s Managed Analytics services, you get fully customized analytics solutions from a team of industry experts for a fraction of the cost of developing a solution in-house. We work with you to identify your most pressing challenges and develop solutions quickly, optimizing your resources and accelerating time-to-value.