Permit Insight

iStock_000039836910LargePermits and licenses are the fuel for a community’s economic engine. A healthy pipeline of permit and license applications indicates that business is thriving and residents are investing in their neighborhoods.

Unfortunately, permit and licensing operations are often slow and inefficient– handled by disconnected departments with no performance targets (or enforcement thereof). The lack of integration and accountability results in a complicated system in which sub-par performance is tolerated and lengthy back-ups are accepted as standard procedure, frustrating both public officials and constituents.

Qlarion Community Center’sTM Permit Insight module improves permit and licensing processes by

  • Helping government executives and managers allocate resources more effectively
  • Increasing transparency and accountability, and
  • Enabling better customer support to residents and business owners

Permit Insight tracks the process of issuing permits and licenses, from application to review to distribution, against agreed-upon milestones and KPIs. Armed with accurate, near real-time data, managers can identify bottlenecks and accurately evaluate the performance of each employee or business unit. This allows them to address poor performance quickly, before it becomes a larger problem, and mine high-performing units for best practices. This information can be shared externally with residents and business owners through Permit Insight App, one of Qlarion’s citizen engagement apps. 

Download the Permit Insight Brochure.