About Qlarion


Qlarion’s mission is to transform government agencies into data-driven organizations by injecting analytics into their business. We work with public officials in state and local governments and federal agencies who want to be leaders in the data-driven government movement.

Our solutions are designed to help our customers make better business decisions, improve citizen engagement, reduce costs, and improve efficiency by using Big Data and Analytics to effectively manage, access and understand information.

The Qlarion team believes that creating real, tangible business value for government means creating real-world impact in the lives of citizens. We’re passionate about data-driven government because we care about how policies and programs affect our communities.

Qlarion employees build mission-critical systems that help citizens get their tax refunds days faster, allow seniors to get the medical care they need, enable American soldiers in Afghanistan to get the ammunition they need, ensure the availability of nation’s energy reserves, provide stability to the nation’s housing market and help large cities respond to major storm events. We believe in data-driven government because we know it will deliver real-world changes to the people our clients serve.


We’ve developed a Model for Data Driven Government that maximizes ROI by strategically planning the development of an analytics program within each of our customers’ organizations.

We assess your needs and ROI potential, create a strategic roadmap that includes demonstrating success, put the right solutions in place to advance your capabilities, secure buy-in from the appropriate stakeholders, and continually optimize your program with emerging technologies.


Our approach is supported by a proven framework that incorporates industry-leading technology, customized training and support, on-site consulting from industry veterans, and custom-built programs that transform internal analytics into citizen engagement apps.

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