Qlarion Community Center™

community_center_banner In our increasingly connected world, taxpayers and small business owners want access to government services and data about the performance, reach, and effectiveness of those programs. But public services are often delivered as separate lines of business, making it nearly impossible to look across the entire scope of services to measure the government’s overall impact. CommunityCenter Qlarion Community Center™ integrates information from disparate departments into centralized, customizable dashboards, reports, data discovery tools and citizen engagement applications, breaking down silos and helping local leaders better serve and engage the citizens that depend on them.

Untitled-3Optimize Resources and Performance with Pre-built Analytics

  • City managers can create a near real-time map of pothole crew locations compared to origins of citizen complaint calls to focus service on heavily damaged roads.
  • Emergency response managers can compare business locations to public transit usage to predict the economic impact of shutting down a portion of the city.
  • Leadership can compare crime reports with building code violations and basic services requests, identifying troublesome properties to make neighborhoods safer.

Download the Qlarion Community Center™ Brochure. Learn about Qlarion Community Center’s Storm Insight, Neighborhood Insight, and Permits Insight modules.

placeitEngage and Empower Citizens

Qlarion’s citizen engagement applications enable citizens to access actionable information online. The applications are customized to address concerns that are pressing in your community, from snow removal to pothole repair to public safety. Our applications simplify and translate complicated processes into user-friendly tools, so citizens feel heard and supported. Our clients see decreased customer support costs and increases in constituent satisfaction. Learn more about our citizen engagement applications.

Build, deploy, transform — fast.

Community Center™ is a pre-packaged, unified analytics solution tailored for State and Local governments designed to drive efficiency in departmental functions, thereby improving the lives of the citizens that depend on them.  Available in both cloud-based and on-premise deployment models, Community Center™ includes all necessary technology, services and business content to get up and running quickly.