City of Boston Sees On-the-Ground Results with Qlarion Community Center



The City of Boston is the 6th largest economy in US and 12th in the World. Several years ago, city leadership began to invest in upgrading their IT organization, modernizing their operations with a CRM, HCM, and automated financials. The leadership envisioned a data-driven organization that allowed city leaders to make insightful, data-centered business decisions.


Connect disparate data from various departments to enable analytics driven decision making to improve livability, increase transparency, strengthen constituent engagement, and drive commerce throughout the city.


After implementing Qlarion Community Center, the City of Boston saw increased efficiency in city operations, including snow removal, permit processing, and code enforcement. Qlarion Community Center delivered a positive ROI that pleased both city leadership and local residents. 


Untitled-1 Over 85% improvement in permit processing times, leading to new businesses and residences
phone-01 63% reduction in complaint calls related to troubled addresses, resulting in safer neighborhoods and $1.6 million in annual savings
An approximate 5% to 10% decrease
 in snow removal costs during the toughest winter in recent history



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