Citizen Engagement Apps


Your constituents want convenient, on-demand access to information. Qlarion’s citizen engagement apps help you deliver it.

Qlarion’s citizen engagement apps, a public-facing component of Community Center, help state and local governments increase transparency, build trust, and more efficiently engage with the people they support.

The apps are customized to address concerns that are pressing in your community, from snow removal to economic development to public safety. Our apps simplify and translate complicated processes into user-friendly visual interfaces, so citizens can clearly see the information they need and feel more heard and supported. Our clients see decreased customer support costs and increased constituent satisfaction.

placeitDrive Economic Growth with Permit InsightTM

Permitting is a critical process of every local government, but it can be a complicated and frustrating experience for business owners, entrepreneurs, and residents. Permit Insight eliminates this frustration. With Permit Insight, it’s easy for permit applicants to track the progress on their permit applications and know exactly who they can contact with questions. The app—which can be accessed online or on a mobile device—displays near real-time information, shows users where their permit is in the approval process, provides an estimated completion timeline, and shares the contact information for the government staff member responsible for processing. A faster permit approval means businesses open up more quickly, housing developments are completed and occupied in less time, and, overall, the economy’s growth accelerates.


placeit (1)Build Stable Communities with Neighborhood InsightTM

To build long-lasting, economically thriving communities, state and local governments need to attract and retain new businesses and residents. Neighborhood Insight is a visual analytics tool that allows users to see valuable information about local addresses--from crime rates to landlord complaints to city services requests. Armed with this data, residents can make smarter decisions about housing and businesses can select optimal locations for setting up shop. Residents can also explore new areas of town and vet the neighborhoods of daycares, schools, restaurants, and shops. Providing your community with easy access to this information will lead to improved resident retention and more sustainable businesses.



placeit (2)Deliver a Faster, Smarter Storm Response with Snow Storm InsightTM

A major snow storm can shut down businesses, stall local economies, and disrupt the lives of constituents. Keep your citizens happy and your community productive with Snow Storm InsightsTM, an application that keeps citizens informed about the progress of snow storm clean-up. Through the app, the government creates a more personal interaction with citizens by sharing all of their efforts to get their neighborhood back to business as normal. The increased transparency keeps citizens informed and government resources focused on the storm, not fielding complaints.


multitasking in handsCustom Solutions

Have a process or program that affects your citizens’ lives? We can help you make it better, stronger, and faster.

Contact us to learn more about building a customized citizen engagement application.



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