Enterprise Information Management

Improve Your Decision-Making Power with Accurate Data
Your organization needs to quickly make effective and informed business decisions. But your ability to make informed decisions can only happen with strong, clean, data. Weak data can lead to project delays or inaccurate decisions. Qlarion consultants work with you to ensure that you have accurate, complete data in your system, and we create systems that align your existing requirements, resources and processes with federal and/or state security requirements and guidelines.

Our data management services span all phases of your enterprise data lifecycle, from planning, to integration, to ongoing data management.

Strategy & Planning
Many BI initiatives that fail do so because of inaccurate or missing data, or data that doesn’t keep up with business needs. We help you move from your current data point to your desired future data state by crafting a data strategy that will meet your present business needs and adapt to future changes.

Data Integration
Qlarion has an exact process for mapping and loading your data to ensure that correct data is moving through your system at any point in time. We begin the data integration process with a detailed audit of your current data capture processes and infrastructure across the enterprise. During this stage, we also provide you with documentation and metadata of ETL process design and procedures, versioning strategy, analysis of data content and format, an update and load process and schedule, and ETL scripts, programs and procedures.

Data Quality
Data that is erroneous, inconsistent, or out of date can have a great impact on your business. Qlarion will help develop and deploy data quality processes and provide findings and recommendations to key stakeholders in areas of needed improvement.

Master Data Management
Qlarion develops the systems and processes needed to ensure that you have a single, unified view of your data throughout the enterprise. Our team works with you to make sure your data is consistent no matter where or how that data is used within your operations, and to provide you with a single version of the truth.

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