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Just Because Data Is Available Does That Mean It’s Valuable?

BI Methodology Query: Just because data is available does that mean it’s valuable?

Answer: Too often, the term Enterprise Performance Management (EPM) carries a significant amount of baggage for government agencies: EPM tends to mean “great promise…unrealized.” Many times this is due to an inability to measure the right Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s)–because the technology and business teams within government agencies have a different understanding of what the correct KPI’s are.

The technology staff tends to gravitate towards using the data that is available. But just because a particular data set is available does not mean it is valuable or even useful.

“It All Starts with the Data” – Not True

The expression, “it all starts with the data,” simply isn’t valid. A successful EPM approach begins with developing a plan and requirements that are clearly linked to the business strategy.

Government agencies need a proven methodology to ensure that a clear strategy and requirements are defined upfront—and that all subsequent steps stay aligned throughout the development, implementation and maintenance phases.

In particular, this methodology must specify that it is up to the business teams to:

  • Define the correct KPI’s, then
  • Work with the technology group to define and acquire the necessary data–making sure it is available and accurate.

Are There Cases When Any Data Will Do?

In certain situations there may be a valid business reason to use existing data—for example, developing a rapid prototype, proof of concept or pilot in order to convince executives to fund the full project. But when developing a real world production system, the only data that matters is the data that relates to the right KPI’s.

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