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Is your BI lifecycle methodology only pixel-deep?

Is your BI lifecycle methodology only pixel-deep?



A Google Image search for “business intelligence methodology” yields a plethora of concentric circles, process diagrams and chevrons, with colorful arrows pointing in many directions.

Surely some of these are thoughtful representations of proven implementation processes. But, at Qlarion we’ve seen too many methodologies in the public sector that are only “pixel-deep” – that is, they exist in only PowerPoint and have never been applied to address a government agency’s real-life BI challenges.

Detecting the proven public sector BI methodologies vs. the ones that exist only in theory isn’t difficult if you know the right questions to ask. Here are some examples:

  1. What is your process for gaining a clear upfront understanding of how this initiative relates to the agency’s mission?
  2. Which part of the process addresses analysis and optimization of the current technical infrastructure and data sources so that existing and future systems will work together?
  3. What are the methods for ensuring project uniformity, consistency and quality?
  4. What is your process for testing, user sign-off, knowledge transfer and documentation?
  5. What are the most critical post-implementation aspects of this methodology?

And, of course, the question that gives you the most insight as to whether a public sector BI methodology is proven or just pixel-deep:

  1. May we speak with three of your agency clients with whom you have used this methodology in a real-life implementation and post-implementation scenario?

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