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Consumer-Oriented Mobile Platforms Create Challenges in the Workplace

As the Cloud becomes ubiquitous throughout our lives, what are the real concerns around data security for organizations to think about? For instance, what happens when your people download work documents to their home PCs? Or, what if your Cloud provider is hacked?

While the new Apple iOS 5 and iPhone 4S introduce many exciting productivity boosters and on-the-go capabilities for the enterprise, IT professionals have new concerns regarding their employee and organization’s security. Will confidential corporate data such as documents, global contacts and emails be synced to a user’s home computer? Might they reside on Apple’s iCloud servers after a user has left a company? What if someone gains access to a user’s iCloud account by stealing a device or through a phishing or social engineering attack? A cautionary column from ComputerWorld gives organizations a “heads-up” on what features to take concern.



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