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Fumbling Over the Data

With the ability to access large amounts of company data, and the increased number of companies that use analytics, why are organizations still largely struggling with their data?


A recent article by the Wall Street Journal addresses why many organizations are still “fumbling over their data”. It presents a good case on why accessing data and understanding data are two very different things. In fact, the article cites a recent study by Corporate Executive Board in which only half of the senior managers surveyed said they were capable of putting company data to good use in shaping company strategy.

This article addresses Qlarion’s core philosophy in business intelligence implementations: the necessity for management to clearly articulate business drivers at the beginning of a data analytics project and to maintain a strong focus on the business challenges throughout the solution development and implementation process. Blindly following or focusing on the data presented or the technology being implemented will lead an analytics project down the path of failure. A better, more successful, approach for many of these companies would be to utilize the services of a company who understands business intelligence and predictive analysis and who approaches the company’s data challenge at the right starting point — by addressing the business challenges.


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