Why Qlarion?

1. Our Approach 

Qlarion’s mission is to change the way government uses analytics to run their organizations by replacing an outdated technology-driven approach with a business-driven approach.

More than 70% of Business Intelligence Implementations fail.

Why? In most Business Intelligence implementations, far too much time, money and resources are invested in building and configuring complex underlying technology infrastructure at the expense of the most critical aspect of the process:  Gaining and maintaining a clear understanding of the business challenges that need to be addressed.

Outcomes, not technology, drive our process. Historically, developing, implementing and maintaining a typical Business Intelligence solution has required a tremendous initial investment in technology, human resources and time—leaving less time and resources dedicated to the necessary results. Qlarion has turned that equation around by innovating BI solutions, such as Cloud-based BI and Managed Analytics Services, that leverage pre-developed technologies and allow clients to focus their limited resources on answering the key questions that will enhance mission effectiveness.

2. Our People

Building a company that creates real, tangible business value for government means that Qlarion’s energetic team of professionals is passionate about making our government more efficient and helping government leaders better serve the citizens that depend on them. They’re committed to solving real-world problems and producing real-world results. Qlarion’s employees build mission-critical systems that help citizens get their tax refunds days faster (IRS), allow seniors to get the medical care they need (Medicare), enable American soldiers in Afghanistan to get the ammunition they need (US Army), ensure the availability of nation’s energy reserves (DOE), provide stability to the nation’s housing market (Fannie Mae) and help large cities respond to major storm events (Boston). Qlarion’s staff is proud of our work with the government to measurably impact and improve agencies, neighborhoods, and lives.

3. Our Experience

Qlarion has developed a service delivery methodology called IMAGINE™ that has established our firm’s reputation for delivering BI projects on time, on budget and in line with the overall mission goals.

At the core of the IMAGINE methodology is the software development lifecycle (SDLC), incorporated with key aspects of Agile, Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK), Lean Six Sigma and Capability Maturity Model Integration (CMMI), IMAGINE ensures project uniformity consistency, and quality, while delivering maximized value.

We’ve delivered results to a variety of federal agencies as well as state and local governments, and partner with other likeminded industry leaders.